about us

We are CASHIO and offer a variety of electronic services to the end customer entirely online.

The platform is developed in help of the small to medium businesses that either do not have a web site or have no e-commerce channels.
Being tightly integrated with the day-to-day bisiness CASHIO beams the SME sales into the digital space.

CASHIO provides the following services to the end customer:

  • Digital gift vouchers

  • Electronic tickets for various events

  • Digital loyalty cards

CASHIO is completely digital, so customers who work freely with technologies and can navigate the online space prefer to use the service remotely, have a debit or credit card and most of all value their time.

We at CASHIO insist on speed and ease, but most of all we want them to go hand in hand with security and peace of mind for our customers. We comply with all implemented rules under the European Regulation on Personal Data Protection GDPR.

CASHIO is open for any partnership with other platforms or digital service providers around the world.